Hangover Thoughts - Fergus Henderson

"If you follow simple rituals, things should not go too awry: a nip of Fernet Branca in the morning to fire the engines up (the head barman at the Savoy swore his longevity was a result of this morning nip). The symbiotic moment at 11 O’clock: Seed Cake & Madeira. The thrill of the aperitif before lunch: Campari and white wine. Red Burgundy for lunch. A little marc to aid digestion. A Dr Henderson to revive the spirits and re-focus you for supper. A glass of champagne – thank you – red Burgundy with dinner and finally a wee dram to help you sleep. This does not seem too wild a day’s consumption!

The hangover seems to appear when you tamper with the rituals, too much too fast… I cannot say I’ve not been there."